Our Works

Instant Norge A/S
Visit site: www.brukerkurs.no

The Challenge

Instant Norge A/S, a leading company in the rental market of Scaffolding and INSTANT Scaffolds had to adapt its website to the new markets and provide e-learning training opportunities of how to use its products. 

Our Solution

Coral solutions developed a sophisticated e-learning platform that provides users with interactive courses that can be taken in English, Polish, Norwegian and other languages and are presented as video slides delivering seamless easy to understand user experience. We have integrated user session module that monitors and reports user behavior during the test. The course administrator is able to see course start/end time; user's revised slide list; times test was taken, the number of errors during the test, the last login date and etc. Through analyzing employee behavior during the test, companies can gain an insight if any additional training is required. 

The Outcome

The re-launch of the Instant website and e-academy platform has been very well received; there has been sustained, increased traffic to the website resulting in Instant gaining greater visibility online. Our work to develop the e-academy has provided the Instant Norge A/S with the ability to easily produce interactive training courses with unlimited possible applications and variations. Instant Norge A/S has empowered its clients to adhere to the working safety guidelines more effectively, providing a unified e-learning solution and a common, easy to use experience.