Our Works

Jax Auto Shipping

The Challenge

Coral solutions were called upon to develop a vehicles shipping information system that would help Jax Auto Shipping save cost by capturing order details via self-automated platform and provide easy access to vital information and services for both clients and the company keeping deliveries on time.

Our Solution

Coral solutions developed a innovative cutting-edge vehicles shipping information system that provides users with the ability to track multiple containers, bookings on real-time basis being informed on the arrival date, possible delays or any other issues and respond accordingly. Our team implemented bespoke model that registers incoming cargo documents and sends them to the relevant department eliminating any possible delays and saving time for a company. The system is also able to generate reports about the current situation on cargo deliveries, delays or other irregularities though the company can react immediately, solve any issues and keep customers satisfied. 


The Outcome

Jax Auto Shipping is now able to provide their staff and clients with a quick and easy access to key information on cargo operations helping them respond to any issues happening on real time basis.