Our Works

Loot LTD
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The Challenge

The out-dated user-interface and lack of flexibility of the underlying platforms had resulted Loot.com loosing the majority of users before they complete the ad placement process; search tool were providing users only with few routes to the items for sale; did not allow for simple keyword search across the whole website. Web design did not have much in common with the style or theme of the printed Loot newspapers

Our Solution

Our developers worked to update the site’s navigation and layout; provide users with a clear and easy-to-use experience. We have developed sophisticated search tool with relevance rankings and ability to sort and filter results by: distance; relevance; cost; keywords; price; and etc; introduced sub-sites for advertisers that allowed buyers to see other products in on the seller’s page; created application which provided users with the option for placing ads into paper newspaper version.

The Outcome

The updated navigation and layout of the new site provides users with an improved online experience, and makes vital information and ads easy to find. The implementation of sub-sites for the advertisers offers users immediate access to relevant buyers listings improving the efficiency with which content can be delivered.