Our Works


The Challenge

Photo1Moment required to develop a beta system that would enable photographers and event organizers to automate the process of uploading and distributing high quality images taken during events. The company wanted to monetize the website and was looking for the ways to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Our Solution

Starting with a usability review of the payment methods in multiple currencies, we suggested Photo1Moment to use credits system instead (i.e. user buyers credits which he can then spent on images) to drive costs down by avoiding high transaction, and currency exchange rates.

After followed a detailed User Experience phase to identify and prioritize personas, user stories and user journeys which lead to bespoke Events module to be created. Through Events module photographers can upload and assign images according to the event, get invited to events, and offer personal services to specific event. Once designer is accredited, accreditation printable card is formed with his name and surname and event details displayed. The ranking system provides event organizers with an access to top talents which they can invite and send accreditation to attend their event.

Users can search the images by location, date, time, and even by the person name. There is also an option to choose between different resolutions when making a purchase.

The Outcome

The requirements gathering exercises conducted at the outset of the project enabled a user-centered design approach to be applied to the creation of the beta platform, ensuring the needs of Photo1Moment’s distinct user segments were met.

The beta platform provides Photo1Moment with an insight of how users will navigate throughout the finished site, and to test the most critical user journeys on real users. This ensures that any potential issues are identified reducing financial risk and increasing confidence in the success of the final product.