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Why people hire us?

After ten years and more than 400 successfully implemented projects, we have matched companies with the market opportunities providing solutions that increase ROI, save time and money.

We are proud to highlight that out of 400 projects 95% were completed ahead of schedule and 98% of our Clients trust us as a long-term digital partner.

With a talented team of 21 in-house specialists that are skilled in a wide range of technologies from tried-and-tested to the cutting edge, we build meticulously crafted and engineered projects that produce optimum results for our clients.

After 10 years
Out of 400 projects
Projects completed ahead of schedule 95%
Out of our Clients
Trust us as a long-term digital partner 98%

Web Project Development

We connect companies with market opportunities to engage, excite and assist users through online channels. Building a piece of custom software can dramatically improve your ability to offer real user benefits through online products and services.

To gain an understanding of your business and its unique requirements, processes and industry context, we begin each web development project with a detailed research and analysis phase, and from insights gathered are able to define the exact scope and specification of the project, enabling development to kick-start without delays reducing risk of expensive rework.

Our team of developers uses best technology available to create your software, ensuring that it matches with all your needs while complementing your existing systems and tools. Our approach to web development focuses on strong collaboration with our clients producing unique solutions.

We also help companies to maximize the power of existing software by customizing features, integrating with popular sites or adding new capabilities. Coral solutions can leverage the APIs of online services to create bespoke plugins, providing your product with social networking integration, real-time data feeds, reporting tools, and more. If you require a unique addition, our team is highly experienced in extending sites and applications by creating and incorporating advanced modules such as e-commerce portals, media players, administrative interfaces and exclusive login areas and many more.

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Outsourcing Solutions

We like building a long term strategic relationships with Media Buying, Web Design and PR agencies and other companies by supplying them with web development and IT support knowledge. These partnerships allow our clients to scale seamlessly and cope with the large projects better.

We offer fast service and full-time dedicated team of professionals that will develop bespoke solutions tailored to your preferences and needs. We provide 24/7 support via email, telephone and skype support during working hours.

We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and technologies, so we know how to deal with the cutting-edge and non-standard developments. If you are an Advertising or PR agency, consider Coral solutions as a design and development resource. We enjoy collaborating and strive to make our partners shine. Get in touch!

Our experience covers: